Brow & Facial Waxing
Your first waxing treatment will begin with a thorough consultation. 
Brow Wax Brow Code Facial Waxing Dapto


During which we will ask you things like:

  • Do you have any allergies?

  • Are you using any prescription face creams?

  • Have you been in the sun or plan to over the next few days?

A few things to think about prior to your brow treatment are:

  • Are you happy with your current shape?

  • What style of brows do you prefer?

  • Bold, modern, classic, thin or thick?

  • Have you previously had an experience you were unhappy with?



What are treatment costs?

Click here for pricing.

Do you offer tinting and lamination services?

Yes we do. Click here to go to out brow styling page.

What kind of wax do you use?

Our choice of wax is made by Brow Code. The reason we prefer this over any other wax is it is so gentle yet very effective. All of our clients comment how gentle the wax feels on the skin.


Do you wax men?

Absolutely.Click here to see those services.


Do you do body waxing?

No, facial waxing only. We do offer IPL hair reduction. 

For more info click here.

What is double dipping and why is it bad?

Double dipping is when a therapist uses the same wax stick more than once. So that means she dips into the wax, uses it to apply the wax on your skin and puts it back into the wax pot contaminating the wax pot.  Wax pots are generally refilled throughout the day and more than one service can be typically done from one wax pot. The wax heater is not hot enough to kill the bacteria and viruses that wax can be contaminated with. No matter where you go, make sure a new wax stick is pulled every time wax is used.