Brow Lamination

brow lamination wax tint dapto wollongong
brow lamination wax tint dapto illawarra

Brow lamination will create a fuller fluffier looking brow.

Is brow lamination suitable for me?

It is suitable for clients who have brow hairs. This treatment does not add brow hair - it uses your existing hairs.
If you have sparse or thin brows this treatment may not be suitable for you.
It works best on clients with unruly, wirey, bunched together or brow hairs that don't stay in place.

Who shouldn't have brow lamination done?

Sensitive skin, skin conditions or trauma, previous reactions to lash lifting. If you are pregnant we advise waiting.
Short & straight brows may not have dramatic results.

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment should take 1 hour and will include a brow sculpt & tinting is optional.

What are the post care instructions?

- Keep brows dry and clean of brow makeup for 24hrs
- Avoid oil masks & facial peels, sun exposure, tanning beds swimming pools, saunas & spas for the 1st week. 
- Use oil free products to prolong the length of your brows

What should I expect the results to be?
The results can vary depending on the look you are going for. It is important to discuss this well with your therapist before beginning.
Your brows will appear fuller, bigger & fluffy.