Brow Colouring

All 3  tinting styles have a very important place in the artistry of brows. Before your first treatment and along the way to getting your brows to be exactly what you want, We will consult with you to ensure you are happy with the treatment.
henna wax tint dapto


A few things to think about prior to your brow treatment are:

  • Are you happy with your current shape?

  • What style of brows do you prefer?

  • Bold, modern, classic, thin or thick?

Have you previously had an experience you were unhappy with? We don't want you to name or shame another therapist, we would just like to establish what you prefer through thorough communication.

Please click here to see if any of the treatment contraindications apply to you prior to booking.

What is Hybrid tint?

Hybrid tint is a dye that will stain the skin for up to 7 days and the hairs for up to 4 weeks.

These colours are suitable for warmer toned clients. 

What is henna tint?

Henna tint will stain the skin for 5-7 days and the hairs for approx 3 weeks. 

Henna tints are suitable for clients that do not have sensitive skin types. 

What is traditional tint?

Traditional tint will stain the skin for a few days and the hairs for approx 2 weeks. The colours can be mixed to suit cooler toned clients. we recommend this as your first service if you haven't had a brow styling treatment with us before.