Fusion Messo Therapy

Advantages of Messo Therapy

Mesotherapy is a safe, progressive and effective technique. The mesotherapy solution is placed directly into the target area and in various repeated sessions thus minimizing side effects, allergies and drug interactions.Mesotherapy is also an effective alternative or complement to plastic surgeries like liposuction and lifting, scar reduction etc. Unlike surgery mesotherapy is less painful, does not requires post-operative recovery time, heavy bandages or anaesthesia.But still customers are requiring less pain and more results! This is the reason why new treatments in the field of mesotherapy or inspired by mesotherapy are popping-up these last years.

What is Messo Therapy

Action Mechanism of MesotherapyMesotherapy employs both mechanical and chemical stimulation of the circulatory, nervous, immune competence units within the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue to create a biological response and reverse abnormal physiology. Solutions injected intradermal remain in the injected area longer compared to subcutaneous injections, and act as a natural time-release agent for up to 7 days.

The injected solutions act to adjacent problematic tissues by continuing to diffuse into the deeper tissues.

Our concept: improve the results of conventional mesotherapy, less pain and easier practiseAs we detailed before mesotherapy is based on mechanical and chemical stimulation and the delivery technique into the skin.• Mechanical: The needle creates micro-perforations inducing a healing process. The post traumatic response of the organism is to produce collagen and elastin – two of the key building blocks of skin.

As there is no removal or “real” damage to existing collagen, the new collagen simply adds to existing levels. The skin elasticity and firmness is highly improved.• Chemical: The injected active ingredients will stimulate the organism. For instance, if the circulation is poor, a vasodilator is used (ex. coumarin); if excessive inflammation is present, an anti-inflammatory medication is used (ex. Silorg).

The quality of the product, its composition regarding the indication to treat is of first importance.• Skin delivery: As the product is acting on a targeted area, the way and where the product is administrated is of paramount importance.In order to improve the results of conventional mesotherapy and offer painless alternatives, we developed specific protocols, products, skin care and devices.

1. Fractional meso:

Enhanced mechanical stimulation with Microneedling pen.

2. Electroporation transdermal delivery:

100% painless solution based only on electroporation.

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Fusion Cocktail Blends


A skin booster containing more than 60 essential nutrients, growth factors and hyaluronic acid. Improve skins volume and stimulates the production of cell energy (ATP) and cellular growth. This exclusive blend packed with cellular nutrition will help to reduce and prevent the signs of ageing.



Our most advanced anti-ageing cocktail includes a potent mix of 4 biomimetic peptides, 3 growth factors and hyaluronic acid to energise the skin, protect from free-radicals, reduce inflammation, control pigmentation, stimulate collagen and highly plump & firm the skin (up to a 50% reduction of wrinkles after 3 treatments).



Designed to restructure and regenerate the dermal matrix, this potent blend is recommended for the treatment of deep wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. The epidermal and fibroblast growth factors are acting in synergy with the Centella Asiatica extract and the hyaluronic acid. Growth factors act on stem cells, which stimulate the formation of new cells and increase cellular metabolism.


Prolongs botox results and reduces dynamic wrinkles. Hyaluronic pentapeptides acid, octapeptides. Botox injections are a popular dermatological treatment to temporarily smooth moderate to severe frown lines. This is the perfect complement to injections as it can increase and maintain the effect of toxins micro-injections for a longer period of time.

The anti-wrinkle effect of F-BTX + botox was increased by 3 folds compared to only botox in the frontal region after 6 months and it decelerated the reappearance of expression lines in the crow’s feet area.



Radiant skin is what we all look for when attending special events and occasions. Treat your skin to an instant boost of radiance with the Fusion Meso Radiance Treatment. This powerful blend of Vitamin C & E, retinol, peptides and growth factors provides instant radiance and hydration, bringing your skin back to life and helping to lighten dark spots and pigmentation disorders. Particularly beneficial for smokers’ skin or dull lifeless skin.


Target treatment to reduce couperosis and improve skin microcirculation. 

Venostim is an innovative product specifically designed to decrease the appearance of facial redness and telangiectasia induced by an excessive inflammatory response. Redness, dilated blood vessels and hyper-pigmentation, are visibly reduced. The red areas are less numerous and wide, the intensity is reduced. The skin is more uniform and less marked. 


Reduces the pore size, purifies and regulates oily skin conditions.

A target treatment for impure skin, oily skin conditions and open pores. Acne is a disorder of the hair follicle and sebaceous gland. It happens when the pores sometimes get blocked with dead skin cells. Sebum which normally drains to the surface gets blocked and bacteria such as P. acnes begins to grow and the pore becomes inflamed. Inflammation is what causes a pimple to look red and swollen. The sebum (oil): lubricate and protect skin & hair.

ACNE contains bioactive molecules which clearly inhibits 5-α-reductase and P. acnes growth contributing to a better acne control and antimicrobial effect.

ACNE has anti-inflammatory effect, soothing acne-prone skin, reducing skin redness and has a fast relief of skin irritation.


Improves the eye contour by reducing eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles.

The eye contour responds and prevent all concerns for this sensitive area in one product: eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, flaccidity and dryness. No need to look further for the ultimate solution.

F -HA 

Non-reticulated filler for deep static wrinkles and skin volume.Non-reticulated hyaluronic acid high molecular weight at 1.8Hyaluronic acid is the ultimate treatment against extreme dryness, deep static wrinkles and loss of volume. Hyaluronic acid is a natural polysaccharide with incredible properties, even more enhanced by the specific form that we are using: high molecular weight for immediate and long-lasting results.

Dehydration and loss of firmness are signs of skin ageing that lead to wrinkle formation and sagging of some face areas.

Using hyaluronic acid helps to maintain a moisturized and firm skin. Hyaluronic acid improves cellular cohesion avoiding transepidermic water loss and stimulates the collagen I synthesis. The skin is therefore progressively tightened and moisturized. The skin is more youthful, both flexible and firm.


Androgenic alopecia and hair regrowth.

F-HAIR MEN treats effectively alopecia with a blend of peptides, growth factors, organic silicium, pantenol and hyaluronic acid. It preserves hair follicle stem cell (HFSC) activity, modulates DHT via 5-α reductase activity inhibition, stimulates anchoring proteins synthesis and decreases pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Alopecia is a common problem affecting both men and women. The most common one is androgenetic alopecia which represent 95% of the cases. Hair are composed of 2 structures: hair shaft and hair follicle. At the base of the follicle is the dermal papilla & ECM. As papilla & ECM new cells grow, they push the previous cells upwards to form the hair. The dermal papilla plays a crucial role in the dermal-epidermal interactions and is of great importance for the hair formation and growth cycle.


Hair revitalization and fortification.

Restores an effective micro-circulation of the scalp for hair follicles revitalisation. It is an effective formula designed to fight thinning hairs, stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss.F-HAIR is a revitalizing treatment for hair. It restores an effective micro-circulation of the scalp and revitalises hair follicles. It is an effective formula designed to fight thinning hairs, stimulate regrowth and reduce hair loss. Thanks to their vasodilator activity of Centella Asiatica and ginkgo extracts increase blood flow and therefore the scalp nutrition and oxygenation. Hair formula also contains all the metabolites (vitamins, amino acids and minerals) required for the nutritional and energetic metabolism of hairs. Organic silica firms the dermal matrix to maintain the hair anchoring, while hyaluronic acid moisturizes and softens the hairs.


Intensive target treatment for brown spots and pigmentation. Tranexamic acid, resorcinol, glutathione, niacinamide, arbutin.F-MELACLEAR is an outstanding treatment to reduce dark spots. The product is formulated to be used on very localized facial areas. The main component of the formula is tranexamic acid. Tranexamic acid has been used as a traditional hemostatic medicine. It is a drug for the inhibition of plasminogen to plasmin in blood. In the skin it inhibits UV-induced plasmin activity in keratinocytes by preventing the binding of plasminogen to the keratinocytes, which ultimately decreases melanocyte tyrosinase activity. Tranexamic acid is suitable to all kinds of skin for removing pigmentation, whitening skin and reducing spots.

Nevertheless tranexamic acid does not directly affect the tyrosinase and to obtain the best results we combined it with safe and effective skin brightening products.


Face lift with reduction of pigmentation. Reduction of wrinkles, pigmentation & improvement of skin volumes.

F-GLOW LIFT is an outstanding treatment to reduce dark spots, even out tone, reduce deep wrinkles and skin sagging. After few applications, the skin tone is enlightened, and impressive results are achieved on a long-term basis.The synergy of glutathione, vitamin C, niacinamide and tranexamic acid is acting at various level:

• Inhibition of melanin generating enzymes (tyrosinase, TRP-1 and TRP-2)

• Inhibition of melanosome transport by down regulation of melanophilin.

• Inhibition on the melanin production.

The synergy of hyaluronic acid, DMAE, FGF and organic silicium are acting on the fibroblast to create an intense firming action on the dermis to reduce the wrinkles and skin sagging.


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