Skin Packages

Here at Enchanted Skin & Beauty, we strive to bring the most up to date and effective treatments to Dapto. 

We have packaged together a range of skin loving treatments for a variety of skin concerns. 

Treatment course time frame will be discussed with you at your first appointment. 

We don't like to rush our clients through our packages. Time and care is always taken and guidance along the entire way. 

Neck & Decolletage

Our neck & decolletage are often forgotten when thinking about skincare. This packages is designed to rejuvenate and tighten those areas along with proving at home care to boost results. 

Initial consultation & IPL test patch

RF skin tightening (neck) x 6 

Fusion Electroporation Infusion x 3

(neck & decolletage)

IPL skin rejuv (neck & decolletage) x 3 

Synergie Skin Elastense neck & decolletage lifting & firming cream

Total Value $1781

Package Price $1299

Savings $482


This package is designed to help with those pesky fine lines and density loss around the eye area. Targeting collagen remodeling of this sensitive area. 

Observ skin analysis x 2

Fusion Electroporation Infusion x 4

RF skin tightening x 8

Synergie Skin ImprovEyes day

Synergie Skin ImprovEyes night

Total Value $1505

Package Price $1099

Savings $406

Unlimited LED light therapy (48 hour break between treatments per area) for 12 weeks.

Utilise the benefits of professional LED light therapy for a range of areas and skin conditions. 

Each area will need to have a 48 hour gap between treatments. Although you are welcome to work on more than one area. 

We ask that you book one sitting per day maximum. 

This is provided as a self service. 

We will assist you in setting up for the treatment. Once it is completed you are able to leave and go about your day. 

This package can be valued at up to $4272 if used 4 days per week over the 12 week period. 

Total value $4272

Package price $499

Saving $3773 


Our Ultimate Anti-Ageing package is designed to help reduce those pesky fine lines, induce collagen synthesis and help with skin tone and texture. 

Synergie Skin Anti-Ageing kit

Synergie Skin Post Treatment Kit

Synergie Minerals Pack

Bestow Collagen Powder

Observ skin analysis x 2

LED treatment x 4 

Skin needling x 2

Fusion messo therapy x 3

Total Value $2517.95

Package Price $ 1999

Saving $718.95


Our pigmentation reduction package is results driven. 

This package has taken quite some thought and process to put together to ensure it safe for all pigmentation types. Particularly hormonal, such as melasma.  

Observ skin analysis x 2

Synergie Skin brightening kit

Synergie skin post treatment kit

Synergie Minerals pack

Bestow Gut love powder 

Level 1 cold peel

Level 2 cold peel 

Level 3 x 3 cold peel messo needling

Signature Mini Facial & LED x 4 

Total Value $2432.95

Package Price $1899

Saving $533.95


Our Redness reduction package is designed to assist with vascularity and sensitivity. 

By utilising our Synergie Medi facials and LED to begin the strengthening process. Moving onto our retinaldihyde cold peel to dive deeper into the layers pf the skin and really assist in moving beyond that sensitvity and redness. 

Observ skin analysis x 2

Signature Medi facial & LED x 4 

Cold peel level 1 x 2

Cold peel level 2 x 2

Bestow Beauty + Oil 

Bestow Gut Love Powder

Synergie Skin Anti Redness kit

Synergie Skin Post Treatment kit

Synergie MineralProtection kit 

Total Price $1574.90

Package Price $1099

Saving $475.90

The Ultimate Glow Up

The ultimate glow up will leave your skin full of nutrients, hydration and will also assist in shedding away the not so nice dead skin cells. We have packaged these treatments together for a skin type that is wanting a refresh and glow up. 

Coupled with Synergie Skin TriDation B at home mask. 

Observ Skin Analysis x 2

Prin Lymphatic Faciacl & LED x 2

Carbon Facial & LED x 2

Fusion electroporation x 2

Synergie skin TriDation B at home mask

Bestow berry beautiful powder

Total Value $1149.95

Package Price $899

Saving $250.95


The Anti Acne Pack, With this set of treatments we have ensured that we are fighting acne bacteria from the inside out and including skincare and mineral make up so that your skin is really being looked after. 

Bestow Beauty + Oil 

Synergie Skin Anti Blemish or Balance & Clarity Kit

Synergie Skin Post Treatment Kit

Synergie Minerals kit

Observ Skin Analysis x 2 

LED + Hydro + Hi frequency x 2

LED + Signature Medi Facial x 2

Signature Mini Facial x 2

AHA/BHA peel x 2

Total Value $1517.95

Package Price $1099

Saving $418.95

Facial Scarring

This package absolutly perfect for correction of facial scarring. We have coupled together some great at home products with in salon treatments to really provide amazing reults.

Synergie Skin Daily Delivery Kit (Limited quantities available)

Synergie skin post treatment kit

Observ Skin Analysis x 2 

Needling x 4

Messo needling x 4 

Collagen Powder 

Total Value $3880.95

Package Cost $2999

Saving $881.95

Stretch Marks/Body Scarring

This package absolutely perfect for correction of Body Scarring.

Synergie skin post treatment kit

RF Skin Tightening x 8

Needling x 4

Messo needling x 4 

Collagen Powder 

Total Value $5714.95

Package Cost $4799

Saving $915.95


Packages are on a pre-paid basis. 

The entire package payment is due upfront.

All products will be provided at the initial appointment. 

Packages are not transferable or redeemable for cash. 

For further terms and conditions please click here.

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